Accessories Pack “Pirates” 3DSXLPACK3PIRATE BIGBEN

This pack contains:

Screen protectors for Nintendo New 3DS™XL/3DS™XL/ 3DS™/DSi™XL

  • Thin, flexible film for tecting tactile screen.
  • Supplied with Anti static cleaning cloth.

Protection case for Nintendo New 3DS™XL/3DS™XL/ 3DS™/DSi™XL

  • Carries and tects Nintendo 3DS™XL console, games and accessories.
  • Hard EVA material vides optimum security.

3 x Game cases for Nintendo DS™ series

  • Protect and store your game cards.

2 x Retractable stylus for Nintendo DS™ series

  • Comfortable and fits easily into console.

Earphones Nintendo New 3DS™XL/3DS™XL/3DS™/DSi™XL/DSi™

  • Universal 3.5 mm jack.
  • Quality stereo earphones for discrete play and imved sound quality.

Wrist strap and neck strap for the console and protection case

Details on Accessories Pack “Pirates” 3DSXLPACK3PIRATE BIGBEN

  • 3499550312416
  • Bigben Interactive
  • Black, Gold, Green, Ice Blue
  • Packs of Accessories


  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo 3DSXL
  • Nintendo DSiXL

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