Bigben Interactive announces ‘I LOVE MY CATS’ and ‘I LOVE MY DOGS’ on Nintendo 3DS

With these two new video games, Bigben Interactive continues to expand its “I Love My” series, started in 2013 with “I Love My Pets”. Players will have to choose an animal among the eight races available for each game, and then take care of him.

Each pet has different needs indicated with colored bars, like hunger, thirst, hygiene, etc. To satisfy these needs, the player will have to feed and wash him, and of course give him a stroke just like a real animal.

Different settings are available for the player to take his four-legged friend for a walk: street, beach, park… It will be the occasion to gather gold coins and free toys and gifts, but also to unlock several dog and cat shows.

The player’s house is large enough to welcome up to three pets: the animal shelter will always be willing to entrust the player with the care of abandoned baby animals. He will then have to domesticate them and give them back for adoption, or he could even keep them with him.

“I Love My Cats” and “I Love My Dogs” are now available on Nintendo 3DS.

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